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orofacial myofunctional therapy

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At Orthodontics Victoria, we utilize orofacial myofunctional therapy to reverse aberrant oral habits that may exacerbate dental malocclusions, interfere with orthodontic treatment or cause instability (relapse) after orthodontic treatment.



A frenum is a small fold of skin or membrane that connects more movable parts of the oral cavity like the lips, cheeks or tongue to the more stationary jaw and gums. The frenum located under your tongue is called the lingual frenum. When the lingual frenum is too large or short, it may impair the patient’s speech and restricts the movement of the tongue. This condition is sometimes known as tongue-tie. If left untreated, restricted tongue function can cause adverse changes in tooth position, jaw development and sometimes, in speech. The primary outcome of removal of short or excess lingual frenum is the balanced environment for the developing teeth and jaws. This balanced soft tissue environment supports not only the establishment of proper tooth and jaw position during treatment but helps us maintain these changes long term.


For more specific information about a frenectomy please call Orthodontics Victoria for a consultation appointment. No referral is necessary.


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